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"Dusty Road" the hit new single

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All proceeds from the single Dusty Road go to support Billy and Paula Speer.

Dusty Road the Single by BJ Speer, album cover
The Dartts Get up and Get Your Shoes On, album cover

featured off of The Dartts' new album Get Up and Get Your Shoes On

Dusty Road A Journey into Faith book cover, by BJ Speer

Dusty Road is a journey into faith told by BJ Speer about the trials and triumphs of his father’s struggle with Alzheimer’s. From diagnosis to deliverance, B.J. shares how his family lost everything, but gained strength, peace and love along the journey. A story of God’s Promise, Peace, Protection and Provision told through the eyes of a young man who had a vision to  help his family, followed God’s leading and saw first hand the miracles surrounding their circumstances.

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New Release!

Billy Speer's Greatest Hits Vol. 1


 BJ has put together a  Billy Speer Greatest Hits Vol 1collection of Billy's and Paula's songs that have been favorites through the years! This is sure to become a favorite with Billy and Paula's lively rendition of "Blessing after Blessing" and "God Said You're Gonna Make It", and soul stiring classics such as "I'd Rather Have Jesus, His Eye is on the Sparrow" and "How Great Thou Art". Their voice of experience as ones who have lived through the storms and enjoyed the blessing of walking with God is sure to be a beackon of light and hope pointing others to God in joyful worship!


Only Available online as a download.


Get it on on iTunes or Amazon.


All proceeds from "Greatest Hits Vol. 1" go to support Billy Speer Ministries, Inc.

The Speer Collection

 18 of Billy, Paula and BJ's CD's

40 years of music across 18 albums, featuring favorites such as:

 He's Been Faithful

God Will Take Care of You,

It's a Wonderful Day,

He Giv'th Grace,

The Lighthouse, and

Oh How I Love Those Old Songs

Limited Time Offer

only available through the

Billy Speer Ministries, Inc. Office

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Through by BJ Speer with Billy Speer"Through", is a special project by BJ Speer to bring to fruition the project his dad, Billy Speer, started in 2007. It features several songs by Billy Speer including "Daystar", the last song he ever recorded. BJ's powerful tribute to his father "Leaving a Legacy" and own rendition of "Daystar" are sure to stir your heart and soul.

The combination of BJ's smooth and energetic vocals with Billy and Paula's rich and full vocals make this a treasure to be enjoyed over and over.


The Story Behind the New Album


5 years ago Billy & Paula began a CD project that for whatever reason just couldn't complete. Things began to go downhill for Dad as his health has deteriorated over that past year and the CD was put on the back burner...until NOW....


These songs were chosen several years ago as they meant a lot to Billy & Paula, but now they speak to my heart and mean more to our family now than they did then.


I made a few calls, counted on some friends to come to my rescue, and watched this project come together in a matter of 3 weeks.


 As you listen to this recording, I pray that no matter what valley you are in or circumstance you may be facing, that with God's love, strength and grace behind you, you will make it "THROUGH".



Get the CD, only available through the Billy Speer Ministries, Inc. Office, $15


Also available on iTunes.

All proceeds from "Through" go to Billy Speer Ministries, Inc.

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Brand New Feeling by BJ Speer, album cover"Brand New Feeling"


This is the second solo project by BJ Speer that includes the very first song written by tracy Dartt, "Brand New Feeling". The CD also features songs by Don Dartt and the vocal talents of Stone Dartt, Don Dartt, Forrest Dartt, Rebecca Ayers and Billy and Paula Speer.


$15 - CLICK HERE to buy this CD now!


CLICK HERE to purchase and download from Apple iTunes!

Chances of a Lifetime by BJ Speer, album cover"Chances of a Lifetime"


This is BJ Speer's first solo project that includes 4 orginal songs by BJ and 6 songs by Tracy Dartt. Songs include, "Blood Bought Millionaire", and the highly requested song, "In the Lord's Hands".


$15 - CLICK HERE to buy this CD now!


CLICK HERE to purchase and download from Apple iTunes!

I Will Go On by BJ Speer, album cover"I Will Go On"


"I Will Go On", the 3rd solo project by BJ Speer, features several of BJ's personal favorite Gospel songs. Stone Dartt & Jennifer Hockley join in to harmonize on a few tunes, while BJ's smooth, pleasant solo vocals throughout the project make for an enjoyable listening experience again & again.


$15 - CLICK HERE to buy this CD now!


CLICK HERE to purchase and download from Apple iTunes!

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