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Friends, fans and family share how God has used Billy, Paula and BJ to impact their life.

Oct 16, 2012

From: Larry and Pam Farnsworth


Thank you Billy and Paula for faithfully serving the Lord all these years. I know there have been good times and hard times, but God is asking you to trust Him more right now more than ever before. What a testimony, what a Blessing, what a valley, but He is always, always there. It wont be lone before He comes back to receive us into Glory with Him. Dont give up , keep looking up. Phil 4:16 God Bless

Sept 27, 2012

From: Jeff and Sandy Beal


The first time we met you was many years ago when you came to our church"Faith Bible Fellowship of Milbridge". We loved your singing ministry and the precious fellowship that we had then and have shared through many years. The song that you sang came on the radio one day and lifted me up from a deep sadness. The name of the song was "what can I do but praise him for all he has done". And remember the very early morning I called you , so excited, to tell you and Paula that Jeff had just received Christ as his Saviour!!!! We love you Billy and Paula and BJ. God Bless you always. Love, Sandy and Jeff

Sept 24, 2012

From: Russell & Susan Black


We first heard Billy and Paula at Living Waters in Danforth, Maine. What a dynamic singer. They have touched so many lives through their forty years of ministry. The "chicken" was always a hit for the kids. We love you all, and may God pour down his love on each one of you. We will be praying for all of you.

Sept 24, 2012

From: David & Janice Lawton


Hi Billy & Paula, I think we first met at Odosagih and it was like we knew each other forever. We dearly love you people and have missed you in recent years. Praying for you regularly. We love your music and singing and still play all those cds. God bless you greatly. Dave & Jan

Sept 24, 2012

From: Burt and Nancy Yates


We first met Billy, Paula and BJ on cruise. Loved Billy's voice. Doug Oldham was one of my favorites and Billy sounds so much like him. Billy told me that Doug was his mentor. No wonder. We also saw them in concert at Odasagha Bible Conference. We will be praying for all of you.

Sept 24, 2012

From: Tim Kaufman


First time I heard Billy was when he sang at Larry & Cindi Bollback's wedding. He sang "Cindi's Song" written by Harry Bollback. Rich baritone singing with that signature EKG microphone, I thought, "Yup...that's what I want to do...get a sound system like that and sing w/a mic like that!" Thanks Billy for your friendship over the years and your faithful ministry and exemplary marriage and parenting. tk

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