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BJ's Biography

BJ (an only child)  was born in Leesburg, VA March 9, 1980. The family moved to Bangor, ME shortly thereafter where BJ attended Bangor Christian School for 4 years while his parents worked in financial services and traveled weekends to churches, conferences and camps to sing. BJ joined his parents on the road, sitting in the front row, never singing in any of the concerts.


At the age of 9, the Speers moved to Orlando, FL where BJ attended The First Academy and became involved in school choir, band and karate. In 1995, a decision was made that took BJ out of school and back on the road full time. He was home schooled for 10th-12th grade and enjoyed living life in a different city each night. BJ was never into singing on stage…he was shy, intimidated by large crowds and hated to be in front of people…until 1999 when going to Word of Life Bible Institute (WOLBI) changed his life. BJ had always said, "I do not want to be in ministry, be in front of people or go to Bible school", but quickly realized you don't tell God NO to anything. He enrolled at WOLBI 3 weeks before school started after hearing a message by Ray Pritchard on the "WILL OF GOD".  That year turned his life around…


After the completion of WOLBI, BJ took a semester off to travel with his family, becoming the Billy Speer Trio, until God's tugging at his heart called him back to school at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. BJ was a double major in Communications studying News Broadcast, Journalism, Public Relations and Video Production. During his time at Liberty, BJ scheduled classes Tuesday- Thursday thus allowing him to leave Thursday night and travel across the country with his parents still fulfilling several concerts. BJ graduated Liberty in 2004 and was back on the road in full time music ministry. BJ began to take on more solos with his parents and enjoyed working with his parents and becoming a major part in the booking for his family.


The Lord had a different plan that was unexpected. In 2004, paths were crossed with another Gospel music group, and author, no stranger to gospel music. The Dartts quickly became a part of the family with the Speers. Tracy Dartt, writer of hit song "God on the Mountain", was going through extreme health issues and the Speers just happened to be around when it was all unfolding. The two families quickly formed a bond. They were EAST COAST/WEST COAST versions of one another…. A mom, dad and son traveling across the country sharing God's music.


BJ made several trips to California in 2004 and sang specials with the Dartts before one night during a power outage changed the course….An invite that started to help the Dartts during a health trial has now become an 8 year ministry. BJ continues to travel with the Dartts full time ministering in all 50 states and overseas. The Dartts sing over 220 concerts a year and now call Nashville, TN., home. BJ says life has never slowed down…When you make a decision to follow Christ and submit to His will, be prepared for anything and everything!


Today BJ is busier than ever flying back and forth to FL any time he has a break in his schedule to help his mom and dad. He has no regrets and looks forward to see what God has for him in the future as he continues to follow Christ on this remarkable journey.


BJ has released 4 solo projects that can be ordered online or downloaded through iTunes and Amazon. The newest recording project, "Through" is a very special tribute album to his parents that he finished for them as a means to raise support for Billy and Paula Speer who are not longer able to serve in full time ministry.

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